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Dualmat™ Static Dissipative Work Surface Material
SACL Staticide, Inc. is proud to introduce Dualmat™. This ESD mat is a static
dissipative industrial grade elastomer designed for use on table and other grounded work bench surfaces. Its electrical properties are volume dissipative unlike many of the surface dissipative properties of the competition. This material was developed to conform to the most stringent ESD and lead-free requirements.

Dualmat™ is a chemically cross linked material with different electrical resistances
on both surfaces. Because it is inherently cross linked the material will not delaminate and is volume conductive. The layers are permanently dissipative with polymers that which will not lose its electrical properties, not exudate and more importantly will not outgas and contaminate clean room environments. The material is as durable as rigid laminates, and as comfortable and appealing as softer rubber or vinyl mats. Suitable for use with constant monitor systems.

Because of the structure, the material meets both the ANSI/ESD S20.20 and European IEC 61340-5-1 specifi cations and therefore has outstanding charge dissipation, rapid charge decay, no charge suppression and outstanding low tribogeneration properties. The material will withstand solvents, soldering iron deformation, not curl and have excellent abrasion resistance. The embossed surface will reduce light glare, increase part slip resistance and facilitate cleaning. Since the material is free from halogens, lead, arsenic, barium, heavy metals, phthalate plasticizers, vinyl monomer, asbestos, formaldehyde, antimony, chromium, cadium and other dangerous volatiles, it may be used in environments where out gassing and contamination is of concern.

Reversible laminate has two different electrical resistances (Black side is conductive, colored side is dissipative). Black side of mat can be used for fiber optics. Colored side is ideal for electronic manufacturing.
Meets industry standards for electrical and environmental: ESDA and RoHS compliant.
Rapid and safe drain allows static to decay in .o5 seconds.
Low out gassing and VOC makes it ideal for cleanrooms and other controlled areas.
.080 inch (2mm) thickness will lay flat and will not curl.
Durable surface can withsatnd soldering icon contact and will not buckle from the heat of equipment.
Embossed surface leaves no glare and adds gripping power so parts don't slip.
Colour is UV protected so they will not fade.
Clean with 6001 Mat & Tabletop Cleaner.
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