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Thermal Clad  >> Introduction / Benefits

Electronics of the future brings demanding new challenges that need innovative new answers.

Thermal Clad is one of these answers. It is a material that considers heat transfer as a design requirement.

As devices get smaller and power goes higher, electronics designers need to continually challenge traditional methods of design to develop more reliable product designs. Thermal Clad's applications run from semiconductor modules to power supplies and motor controls.

Thermal Clad is used as a substrate, heatsink and /or printed circuit material.

In the design phase, the engineer considering the use of Thermal Clad should evaluate the new design in light of the potential to:

Improve product thermal & physical performance
Combine power and control
Increase power density
Improve product durability
Enable better use of surface mount technology
Reduce heat sinks and other mounting hardware, inluding thermal interface material
Reduce printed circuit board real estate/interconnects
Replace fragile ceramic substrates with greater mechanical durability
Cost effectively obtain " odd shaped " parts
RoHS compliant
Lower operating temperature
Extend life of dies

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