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ACL Staticide   >> Mat & Table Top Cleaner & ESD Hand Lotion

6001 STATICIDE Mat & Table top Cleaner
CONDUCTIVE CLEANER - for work stations, mats and production
table tops

An ideal non-abrasive cleaner. Leaves no film, non streaking or flammable.
Removes surface chair mats or other anti-static mats
Eliminates unsightly film or other residue that may buildup on static
   sensitive areas
Maintains original resistivity of anti-static mats
Contains no alkali or ammonia
Designed for cleaning any production area in assembly, testing or handling
   sensitive electronic components

Available in :
6001 -quart bottle / 12 per case; 6002 - gallon bottle / 4 per case

7001 STATICIDE Hi Tech Hand Lotion
Used to replenish moisture on skin which is important to wrist strap performance.

This static dissipative hand lotion is equipped to prevent and handle static discharge, especially in the electronics industry. HI TECH lotion keeps skin moistened without risk of contamination.

Available in : 7001 -8 Oz bottle / 24 per case




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