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ACL Staticide   >> Cleaning Products

4010 STATICIDE Anti-Static Floor Stripper
Removes multiple coats of wax or synthetic floor finish's. Will not damage of dull flooring when used according to manufacturer´s recommendations. It removes embedded dirt providing a completely clean and ready surface by emulsifying dirt and residual particles of old wax or coating.
Non-ammoniated or harsh odours
Biodegradable & low foaming
Non streaking
Effective in hard or soft water
Removes embedded dirt
Dilution ratio -1 : 16 (1 part stripper to 16 parts water)

Available in : 4010-5 (5 gallon pail)

4020 STATICIDE Neutral Cleaner
A highly concentrated anti-static cleaner for use in all facilities. Leaves no film, low foam level, constant detergency, non streaking.
Contains no phosphates or alkali´s
Will not degrade production environment anti-static properties
Use in conjunction with Staticide Anti-static Floor Stripper to properly
   prepare floors for application of ESD floor finishes
Dilution ratio - 1 : 10 (1 part cleaner to 10 parts water)

Available in : 4020-5 (5 gallon pail)

4100 STATICIDE Static Dissipative Restorer/Cleaner
Staticide Static Dissipative Restorer/Cleaner not only renews the gloss, it contains a special conductive residue that breaks down electrical discharge, lowers resistivity and returns floor to safe and proper specifications.
Removes black heel marks
No harmful chemicals like ammonia, phospahates or alkali
Non abrasive
Low odor

Available in :
4100-1 (1 gallon bottle), 4100-5 (5 gallon pail), 4100-2 (54 gallon drum)


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