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ACL Staticide   >> Topical Anti-Stats

Proven effective in industrial , commercial & institutional facilities
Staticide, range of topical anti-stats are inexpensive, easy to use & highly effective method for long term static control. Staticide can be applied on sensitive electronic equipment, walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, fixtures, work surfaces, tools & equipment, conveyor belts, clothing and other materials.

Staticide is:
The key component in any total environment static control program
Meets MIL - B - 81705 & NFPA - 56A electrostatic decay criteria
Inexpensive and long lasting
NON toxic, staining or flammable, completely biodegradable & safe to use
Effective on virtually any material
You can spray, wipe, dip or roller coating, gravure coating or flexographic printing
Available in ready to use or concentrated form
Effective in PC board solder fault reduction programs
Used in highly sensitive electronic and EDP operations
Proven effective in relative humidities below 15 %
Effective in all environments where electronic equipment is located

3000 STATICIDE Concentrate
Diluted & mixed with water and various solvents to obtain other economical Staticide formulations :
Heavy Duty - ratio 1 : 39 ( 1 part concentrate to 39 parts water )
General Purpose - ratio 1 : 99 ( 1 part concentrate to 99 parts water )

Available in : 3000Q - quart bottle; 3000G - gallon bottle

2005 / 2002 Heavy Duty STATICIDE - For porous surfaces
Ideal for eliminating static related problems such as ;
Static electricity discharge on carpeting & fabrics
Jamming or slipping of materials during printing, packaging or converting
Ignition of combustible vapors, dust or solvents from causing fire and explosion

One gallon covers approximately 2,000 to 2,500 square feet & will last from weeks to months depending on the application.

Available in : 2005 quart bottle; 2002 gallon bottle


2003 / 2001 General Purpose STATICIDE - For non- porous surfaces
Solves static related problems such as :
Attraction of dirt, dust & bacteria to all surfaces, plastics and product packaging
Charge generation on surfaces of tote boxes & carriers used to process and store   electronic components
Damage / destruction of sensitive electronic equipment, components/sub-assemblies during   their manufacture
Data processing "glitches"..., Memory loss, data errors, paper jams

Coverage : 2,000 to 2,500 feet depending on application.

Available in : 2003 quart bottle ; 2001 gallon bottle

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