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  Find below a few sample applications for our SIL-PAD products. It will help you to find the right product for your application. For all technical details on this product range visit our SIL-PAD Selection Guide.

Sil-Pad is the benchmark in thermal interface materials. The Sil Pad family of materials are thermally conductive and electrically insulating. Sil-Pad materials come in a variety of different thicknesses and are frequently used in SMT application such as:
• Interface between thermal via's in a PCB, and a heat sink or casting
• Heat sink interface to many surface mount packages

Sil-Pad is available in custom shapes, sheets and rolls.


The Bond-Ply family of materials are thermally conductive and electrically isolating. Bond-Ply is available in a PSA or laminating format, is reinforced with fiberglass or film and comes in a variety of different thicknesses. Bond-Ply provides for the mechanical decoupling of bonded materials with mismatched thermal coefficients of expansion, typical applications include:
• Bonding bus bars in a variety of electronic modules and sub assemblies
• Attaching a metal-based component to a heat sink
• Bonding a heat sink to a variety of ASIC, graphic chip, and CPU packages
• Bonding flexible circuits to a rigid heat spreader or thermal plane
• Assembly tapes for BGA heat spreader

  Gap Pad®
The Gap Pad product family offers a line of thermally conductive materials, which are highly conformable. Varying degrees of thermal conductivities and compression deflection characteristics are available.
Typical applications include:
• On top of a semiconductor package such as a QFP or BGA. Often times, several packages
  with varying heights can use a common heat sink when utilising Gap Pad.
• Between a PCB or substrate and a chassis, frame, or other heat spreader
• Areas where heat needs to be transferred to any type of heat spreader

Gap Pads are available in thickness of 0.010" to 0.200", and in custom shapes, with or without adhesive.

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